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So I was rewatching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon until this transition sequence in episode 38 nearly ended me.
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SkiT Drama CD - Tabi no Utage wa Bureikou de


tabi no utage wa bureikou de - The Banquet on the Journey is Relaxed 

This is a (questionable) translation of the drama CD that came with the SkiT edition of KgK, where everyone gets drunk, Saneaki walks into a wall, Enishi cuddles anything in range, Suzukake cries over pickles, Tsuzuramaru is completely fine, and Sakyou always has to clean up.

Warning: This is a very rough and somewhat loose translation with notes in [brackets] where I couldn’t actually work out exactly what was being said. May go back and fix those parts eventually. 

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Kamigami no Asobi Blu-ray/DVD Vol.3 cover.
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UtaPri Pillow Ai Mikaze: November 2014 
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